What is CNA-MA?

CNA-MA stands for Certified Nursing Aide-Medication Aide. These are CNA’s who have gone through extra training from an approved training program. They are certified by the State Board of Nursing with medication authority.  This is a relatively new program that the State of Colorado approved in January 2011, which allows for the utilization of med aides in nursing facilities, community based, intermediate care facilities, correctional institutions, and assisted living facilities.

Program Structure

100 hours with 60 hours of lectures in the classroom and 40 hours of clinical in a Skilled Nursing Facility. ​

Program Focus Areas

Apply dressings to ostomy sites and skin tears
Basic Pharmacology
Body structure and function
Different classes of drugs
Drug orders and prescriptions
Drug Safety
Drugs used for different medical conditions
Ethics and Laws
Nutrition and herbal supplements
Routes of administration of drugs
Sub Cutaneous injections to include insulin administration
The role of the CNA-MA

Eligibility Requirements

CNA with a current unencumbered license to work as a CNA in Colorado
Have worked at least 1000 hours as a CNA in the past 24 months
Pass Medication Pro’s admission test
Proof of being at least 18 years of age
Proof of High School diploma or GED
Recommendation letter from a supervising nurse

Scope of Practice

The CNA-MA can perform the following skills under the supervision of a Licensed Nurse
Administer regularly prescribed medications via ingestion, application, inhalation, insertion, and minor injections
Observe and report any side-effects and reaction of medications

Qualified Examples

Administer insulin injections
Administer medications via a J-Tube, G-Tube, and NG-Tube
Apply a dressing to a minor skin tears
Apply medications via MDI
Apply topical medications
Conduct hemocult and urine collection
Count, administer, and document controlled substances
Empty and change a colostomy bag
Perform finger stick blood glucose testing
Initiate oxygen in emergency situations
Obtain oximeter readings

Class Information

Upcoming Classes



Class Prices
CNA-MA | $2500 for the full session (Individual)
CNA-MA | $2000 for the full session (Group) | Call for details
Payment must be made prior to the day of class.